Win a backpack from our 2016 collection!

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We want to celebrate our upcoming 2016 collection, so we’ve decided to launch a new contest!
Do you know anyone who deserves to receive a Vorn backpack in Realtree camo before it’s officially available? We'll announce a winner February 25th!

Head over to our Facebook page for more information on how to participate!

Update from our ProStaff, Jens Kvernmo

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Yesterday was the first day the weather permitted ProStaff Jens Kvernmo (@etviltliv on Instagram) to make the 1.5 hour climb up the mountain in hopes of getting a signal. It’s been rainy and windy since the start of his adventure. His cabin is located at 470 meters above sea level, and he needs to reach an altitude of at least 1000 meters above sea level in order to make any calls. However, Jens is doing great and he’s keeping busy despite the harsh weather conditions. The days are getting darker, so he spends the few hours of daylight hunting grouse, foxes and setting traps for pine martens. We can’t wait to hear back from Jens again at some point next week when the weather permits it.

We're still waiting for photos from Jens, so we're using a photo from one of his previous hunts for the time being.

Our ProStaff Jens Kvernmo's adventure

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Our ProStaff team member, Jens Kvernmo (@etviltliv), is spending the next three months alone with his dogs, Nira and Thunder, in a remote cabin in Blåfjella-Skjækerfjella national park. This will be darkest time of the year, and he’ll have no electricity, water supply or cell phone reception. He has to hunt and find water in the nearby rivers in order to survive. The only place he’ll have hopes of getting a signal is on the mountain tops, which will make it difficult to get help if he gets injured or sick. The plan is go make weekly climbs in order to keep us posted on his situation. We’d like to wish Jens all the best on his adventure!

Vorn Equipment is looking for ProStaff for the 2016 season

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We’re looking for ProStaff for the 2016 season who share our passion for hunting and the outdoors, and who are able to effectively communicate their enthusiasm through high-quality photos on social media platforms. Does the outdoors make you feel alive? Are you eager to share your passion with the world? If yes, then we want you to shoot us an email and tell us more about yourself. We'd also like you to answer the following questions:

  • Where and when do you usually hunt?
  • Are you sponsored by other companies?
  • Do you have any interesting projects or hunting trips planned for 2016?
  • Which social media platforms are you active on, and what are your ambitions?

In addition to receiving our products free of charge, we want you guys to feel like you’re a part of something. We’ll promote you on our social media accounts and you'll be featured on our new website (ready in a few weeks). We don’t want an old fashioned sponsor relationship, we want your personal brand to grow with ours. We want you to succeed.

If becoming a ProStaff for the 2016 season sounds interesting to you, please email us at
We accept applications in the following languages: English, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish. Please include links to your social media accounts. We can't wait to hear from you!

Realtree Xtra camo option available from early 2016!

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Even though our green backpack models have been a major success, a lot of people have also requested a camo option. We've listened, and we're excited to announce that our backpacks will be available in Realtree Xtra camo in early 2016!